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Connecting through Poetry

In days gone by there reigned in man

A foolish, hateful spite

He turned his eyes from God above

And sought his own delight

And yet each sin brought no relief

From empty, longing hearts

There only came more misery

With ev'ry flaming dart

And so some men began to cry

For bonds to be restored

For God to come and soothe their fears

And mend the hearts so torn

And so the Father sent His Son

To testify of Him

To show the world how great He loved

Despite their wayward sins

And doomed to pain, rejection, scorn

The Son chose anyway

To clothe Himself in earthly skins

And meet that fateful day

Through all His life He taught and loved

He sought to give new hope

And yet by friends He was betrayed

And bound in chains and rope

He suffered strikes from whips and glass

As silent as a lamb

They mocked and broke the Bread of Life

Till floors with red blood ran

And still He stayed, no call for help

To Father up above

He knew that man would soon be saved

By godly, holy love

And so they took Him to the cross

And nailed Him to that tree

By blood our sins were made as snow

And mankind was set free

The Bible speaks of sin and man

And says that we are blessed

Our sins are now as far from us

As east is from the west

And do you know how far the east

And west are by love made?

Stretch out your hands, like Christ had done

And keep your arms so splayed

Now in the mirror all is clear

My sister, and my brother

It's just as far as one scarred hand

Is from the very other..

Written by: Ethan Alldredge

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